Directions for Submitting a Print Request

Step by Step Directions on How to Print

1.  Go to the Eaton Library Moodle Page  (make sure you are logged in to Moodle).  *You will need to enroll in the library moodle class page in order to submit.

2.  Go to the second toggle where you see Submit Print Jobs Here and click on the Submit icon 

3.  Click on Add Submission or Edit Submission    *Whatever you submit, it must be saved as a PDF.

4.  Click the Add Files icon  to choose your file.

5.  Click Upload this File and then Click Save Changes.

Your document does not automatically print.  You will need to come to the library to request a print job.  Please upload your documents to Moodle before coming to the library and please try to have all printing done before school or between classes.