Directions for Checking Out an eBook or Audiobook

Checking out eBooks & Audiobooks from the Follett Catalog is very easy.  

Just follow these steps:

1.  On your device, go to

2.  Choose your Texas as your location

3.  In the school box, type  VR EATON and our school will pop up and you can choose VR Eaton.

4.  Use your school ID number as BOTH Username and Password.  Just  the ID numbers-no letters.

You're now logged in and can start browsing.  

To check out a book, just click the Checkout Button.  You can check out up to 8 digital items at a time.

To return a book early, just click the Return button.

*eBooks and Audiobooks are checked out to you for 2 weeks.  They are automatically returned so there is never a late fee.